Roasting coffee is both an art and a science. Every bean variety that arrives to our Roastery is put through rigorous testing and experimentation to find the perfect balance of flavours for us to use. Our house blends are made up of 2-3 origins, each roasted and rested in isolation for 5 days before being mixed.

South/Central America & Africa

of original green beans used in end product only

3-10 days

depending on the variant and roasting level, to allow for gas release and mellowing

10-30 days


Coffee is a precise science that needs the best machinery and software to help our Roasters deliver high quality everyday.

Handmade by a team of Dutch artisans, the Giesen is the best coffee roaster on the market. Relatively easy to control but with very accurate results, the cast iron and steel machine is the perfect mix of function and design.

Detail we love The airflow regulation system automatically responds to the amount of air pressure inside of the roasting drum allowing our roasters to repeat the same roast recipe and achieve consistency with different batches of coffee beans.

The smaller version of the W15A for cupping, test-roasting and small-batch roasts.

Detail we love The size does not take away any of the functionality from the larger sibling allowing for a greater level of experimentation on each of the specialty beans we’ve chosen.

Portable coffee roast analyser that measures the roast degree or delta between whole bean and ground coffee. It helps our roasters gain a better understanding of the roasting curve and roast results.

Detail we love The accuracy this tech provides allows us to really explore the different flavour profiles of each bean we roast. As the volume of coffee we serve increases, precision is key to delivering consistency.

The software that acts as your eyes and ears in the drum. Track and visualise four temperatures, Rate-of-Rise (RoR), gas, rotations, speeds and pressures for detailed real-time roasting assistance.

Detail we love Cropster allows us to explore every facet of each coffee bean we roast. Through experimentation we can explore all the different flavour profiles available, and after choosing the best version, can replicate it with near perfect accuracy.


We can supply freshly roasted coffee beans to hotels, restaurants and workplaces.