Vegan Coffee Jelly Recipe Using Cold Brew

23 JAN 2020

Vegan coffee jelly is one of the most tasty, easy-to-prepare, impress-your-friends kind of dessert that should be in every coffee-lover’s recipe book. Whether for big family gatherings, a romantic home cooked meal or simply to eat by yourself, NOC’s cold brew coffee cans are perfect for creating this scrumptious dessert anywhere, anytime, with anyone, as you like.

To make it even better, you can now make Vegan Coffee Jelly with our canned cold brew: simply follow this quick and easy recipe (created by our talented head chef Patrick) and treat yourself to this light, refreshing dessert.


– A can of NOC Cold Brew Coffee
– 4 grams Kanten powder
– 3 tsp raw brown sugar and/or a plant-based sweetener of your choice
– A can of coconut milk
– A carton of coconut cream

What is Kanten?

Kanten is a Japanese gelling agent that is used to make a variety of wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery. Extracted from an edible algae called Gelidiales, Kanten is an all-natural, plant-based alternative to gelatin. Not only is it tasteless and scentless, it is also made of 80% water-soluble fibre and has almost zero calories.


Step 1
Pour 100mL of coconut milk and 50mL of coconut cream into a measuring glass and whisk together. Coconut milk and cream are naturally sweet, but for those of you who have a sweet tooth, add maple syrup or a plant-based sweetener of your choice to taste. Cover and chill.

Step 2

Pour your canned cold brew into a small pot and bring it to boil. Add in the raw brown sugar and Kanten powder gradually as you stir the mixture. Continue until the Kanden powder and sugar dissolve completely, then pour into a container or a shallow dish. Let the mixture cool down before covering it and putting it into the fridge to chill.

*Tip: to speed up the cooling process, you can also place ice packs under the container or dish.

Step 3

Once the mixture sets, run the tip of your knife across the container or dish to cut the coffee jelly into 0.5” cubes. Scoop the cubes gently and place them into your serving glass or bowl.

Step 4

Pour the coconut milk/cream mixture over the coffee jelly, and serve with a layer of coconut cream on top.

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