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Tattoos of NOC: Wanchai West and Graham Street

10 OCT 2019

NOC is sometimes referred to as ‘that coffee shop with inked baristas’. In our last installment of the series, we had a chat with our baristas from Graham and Wanchai West stores, on how certain inspirations through their lives have now been eternally inked onto their skin.


Him (Head Barista, Graham Store)

The newest ink I’ve added onto my body is a wisp of smoke that runs through my left arm. We are each given around 10 decades to live and make it worthwhile. But when you live through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget that and before you know it, you die and cease to exist like a wisp of smoke. I want the tattoo to act as a reminder to make the most out of life.


Jacob (Barista, Graham Store)

The first tattoo I ever got is this one on my upper arm – I had it done when I was in Australia on a working holiday. The hot air balloon symbolises the courage I took to move to a new country and the sense of liberation I was able to enjoy there. I added a sunset beside the basket, because it’s the most beautiful moment in a day, in my opinion.


Jesse (Barista, Graham Store)

I am a big fan of subtle, minimalist tattoos. To remind myself to hold onto what really matters in life, I got a tiny script tattoo on my outer wrist that says ‘hold on’.


Creamy (Head Barista, Wanchai West)

I have around 10 tattoos on both of my arms. This tattoo on my left upper arm is my favourite, because the unicorn is my spirit animal, and I love meat and a pint of good beer.