Summertime Menu Favourites

13 APR 2021

Can you feel that? Air conditioners are being turned on, and many of us have already switched sweaters and leggings for t-shirts and shorts.

Summer is upon us.

Here at NOC, we switch things up in our menu a few times every year, so you can enjoy the best seasonal ingredients where possible. To get you ready for the long summer, we have launched a few new brunch items – read on to decide what you will be getting when you visit our Roastery, Mercury, Whampoa or Papillons location this week.

Chicken Burger

To kick off the season of barbecue, our chefs have whipped up a Chicken Burger for those who just can’t wait to get grilling: we pile a juicy chicken thigh, romaine, sauteed mushrooms, guacamole and a delicious béchamal sauce on a homemade brioche bun, and serve it up with mixed greens.

Chicken Quesadilla

For those of you who are in need of lighter bites to munch on, look no further than the sweet and tangy Chicken Quesadilla. We layer chunks of grilled chicken, baby spinach, relish and cheese onto a tortilla wrap, then pan-fry it to make sure the quesadilla is crispy on the outside, and soft and flavourful on the inside.

Tuna Cobb Bowl

In the summer, many of us crave cool meals with water-rich ingredients that help us stay energetic and hydrated. This is why we have curated the Tuna Cobb Bowl: tuna tartare, avocado, pumpkin, pineapple, quinoa and a poached egg, served on a bed of crunchy salad greens and a drizzle of our homemade honey and thyme dressing.

Golden Sando

Inspired by Japanese sando recipes, the Golden Sando is a hybrid of the classic egg salad sando and our Avocado Toast. With fluffy scrambled eggs and smashed avocado nestled between homemade brioche toasts, we serve the sando with a layer of beautiful molten cheese on top.

PB Banana Mess

Fans of our Banana Toast – we heard you. Your favourite dessert has now made its comeback to our menu as PB Banana Mess, a sweet mixture of caramelised banana, berries, peanut butter and walnuts that is served on our homemade brioche toast. The Mess is perfect as a light brunch, or a little something sweet to pair your afternoon coffee with.

Yogurt Bowl

With the intention to create the perfect summertime yogurt, we gave our Acai Yogurt Parfait a makeover: the new Yogurt Bowl is a delicious bowl of unsweetened matcha yogurt, served with a medley of seasonal fruits, our homemade granola, and maple syrup.