Pharmabelle: Curator of Skincare Infusions with Natural Plant Extracts

19 MAR 2021

From our space designs, down to every cup of coffee and every brunch dish we serve, everything that we present before our guests play a crucial role in our curated coffee experience. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Hong Kong, we took a closer look at the hand care products we place in our lavatories: whilst it is important for us to provide you with a hand wash and a hand lotion that are good for your hands, it is also important for us to ensure the products are not bad for the environment.

After much searching and testing, we found Pharmabelle, an Australian brand that curates botanical skin care infusions with extracts of native plants from Australia and the rest of the world. Our team at The Curated sat down for a coffee with Andrew Leung, director of the brand, to learn more about the plant-based products from Pharmabelle, as well as the Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash and Hand Lotion, which were specially formulated for NOC.

Q: Tell us more about Pharmabelle.

A: Pharmabelle was created in 2012 by a passionate pharmacist with management experience in globally renowned skin care houses. The brand aims at bringing customers bouquets of natural plant extracts from Australia and the rest of the world. Based on a plant-based approach, our cruelty-free products are free from paraben, sulphate, petroleum, and unwanted chemicals that are harmful to our skin, making them essentially good for everyone, especially for those with eczema-prone and sensitive skin, as well as the environment.

Q: We know that the journey for Pharmabelle began in Australia. Why inspired its introduction from Australia to Hong Kong?

A: We were inspired by the diverse ecosystem and rich natural resources in Australia to craft a range of natural-based skin care and hygiene products: all our key ingredients are carefully handpicked by our team and then sourced locally in Australia. Whilst we put paramount emphasis and resources into making quality products, we also strive to offer them at an affordable price for all. From my involvement and expertise in product development here in Asia, I believe Pharmabelle’s product mix meets the vital customer needs in the region, hence brought the brand back home to Hong Kong.

Q: Tell us more about the special blend you curated for NOC Coffee Co.

A: I am a big fan of the minimalist aesthetics here in NOC: every time I visit for coffee and brunch, I feel relaxed and refreshed. The spaces are, without doubt, urban sanctuaries away from the stresses of city life. This coincides with the benefits of Lemon Myrtle, one of Pharmabelle’s signature botanicals. The lightly scented plant is native to Australia, naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidative. Its refreshing essential oil relaxes and uplifts your senses, working its magic just like coffee does. This specially curated hand wash cleanses without stripping off the natural oils of the skin, whilst the nourishing, shea butter-infused hand lotion is easily-absorbed without leaving any trace of greasiness.

Q: Why did you choose NOC Coffee Co. as a partner to showcase your products here in Hong Kong?

A: When it comes to collaborations, it is important for Pharmabelle to team up with brands that share our brand DNA and philosophy. With NOC, its naturalness and simplicity, eco-consciousness, and attention to detail are good matches with Pharmabelle. My previous experience in managing Cartier Greater China tells me it is a perfect mix.

Q: What are your favourites here in NOC?
A: Now I must say the washrooms! Having said that, I basically love everything here, the ambience, the décor, the utensils, the baristas, and of course, the coffees and brunch items. From my observation, every detail in the space is up to par: they are simply the representations of NOC’s perusal of perfection in curating an unparalleled coffee experience.