Personalised Coffee Beans Gift

5 DEC 2019

Personalised coffee beans will make the ideal gift for your parents, significant other, colleagues or other loved ones – basically anyone that loves coffee will love this.

Our team prepared a little something special for the coffee lovers in your life – we are stoked to introduce personalised NOC coffee beans for you to buy. You will be able to add a personal touch to the packaging of our No.18 House Blend by naming a coffee blend after the giftee and describing the ‘blend’ with one of six preset tasting notes (view them here) that double up as a description of the giftee’s personality.

Seeing that it’s almost Christmas, we custom-made a few packets for some of our team members, and we gave them their personalised coffee beans as their early Christmas presents:

Jesse, one of the baristas at our Graham store, grew up in Hong Kong and went to school in South Korea. She is known for her great sense of style and her sweet, serene personality. We gifted Jesse with her own blend of coffee, with tasting notes of delicate, strawberry and jasmine honeysuckle. The coffee is very light, its almost tea-like flavour gives this blend a place on every coffee lover’s shelf. The sweetness of summer berries permeate through floral tones of rosehip and jasmine honeysuckle. The blend is delicate and naturally sweet, just like Jesse.

Patrick, our head chef, is from Hong Kong. He is a ray of sunshine: he is super laid-back and always has a smile on his face. He also inspires the team with his optimism and passion for food. The bespoke blend we made for Patrick is a crisp and bright coffee with lively tropical fruit flavours of pineapple and passion fruit. The coffee has tasting notes of happy, energetic and tropical, with a perky, black pepper-like aftertaste that dances on the tongue.

Oli, our Head of Brand, is from the UK and relocated to Hong Kong 5 years ago. He is the mastermind behind our marketing initiatives, and we love his creativity and open-mindedness. He has endless fascinating creative ideas, and is always up for something fun – that’s why we made his blend a full-bodied coffee bursting with personality and surprises at every turn. The coffee’s assault on the senses starts with sharp tangerine that builds into lemongrass, then finish with a hit of cinnamon. With many twists and turns, the coffee leaves a pleasant and lasting impression.

Want a few bags of customised NOC roasted goodness for yourself and your loved ones? Click here to create your own!

Disclaimer: Please note that personalised coffee blends may take up to 5 business days to ship. This is a special promotion for customers to gift personalised packaging to someone they appreciate. We use our No.18 House Blend beans in all orders. All descriptions are chosen to describe the giftee as a coffee, not the actual contents within the bag. The promotion is for gifting to friends and family and so only real names can be used. Use of any words outside of the spirit of the promotion will not be printed, and the customer will be refunded in full. Final decision lies with NOC.