Coffee, Brunch

October Happenings at NOC

25 OCT 2021

Here at NOC, we switch up our menu a few times every year, so you can enjoy each season’s best ingredients. This time, we have launched a few new food, drink, and coffee items. Read on to decide what you will be getting when you visit our stores this week.

Vegan Bechamel Quesadilla
For those of you who are in need of lighter bites to munch on while trying to stay vegan, this is just right for you! Our new scrumptious Vegan Bechamel Quesadilla is a variation of our Chicken Quesadilla, specially curated for those who have given up meats. We layer chunks of OmniPork, baby spinach, mixed mushroom, vegan cheese, and a delicious vegan béchamal sauce onto a tortilla wrap. Then pan-fry it to make sure the quesadilla is crispy on the outside, and soft and flavourful on the inside. Served with a pineapple salsa to infuse a tropical flavour to it.

No. 18 Panna Cotta
All the No.18 House Blend lovers – we heard you. This silky-smooth, rich in flavour delicacy is our take on the traditional Italian signature dessert. Crafted with #18, our heavy-bodied espresso blend, the panna cotta itself has the aromas of dark chocolate and nuts. Elegantly presented with the raspberry coulis and fruit medley, they add a citrusy dimension to this palate-pleasing dessert. The crunchy homemade honeycomb gives a welcome bit of texture to this heavenly dessert.

Golden Fresh
While we worked on creating the new food items, we also took the time to freshen up our regular drinks menu. The sparkling Golden Fresh features flavour of mango, pineapple, and coconut, making it a delightfully sweet beverage. Sip on it to transport yourself instantly to a tropical island.

Bomba de Fruta Colombia Specialty Coffee Capsules
Not only are we bringing back the well-loved No.18 Specialty Coffee Capsule, but we are also introducing another addition to the coffee offerings line-up: the Bomba de Fruta Colombia Specialty Coffee Capsules. This fruit expressive coffee was named Bomba de Fruta because it literally means fruit bomb in Spanish. Each box includes 10 ready-to-brew Nespresso®️ compatible capsules, you can savour this coffee with notes of tropical fruit, starfruit, and chocolate wherever you are!

Available from 29 Oct at our e-shop and all store locations in Hong Kong.