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Introducing the Not Only Coffee Rewards Programme

15 MAR 2021

Here in NOC, we are about curating all things of simplicity with substance. To enhance the coffee experience we serve and reward our patrons for their support, we are proud to introduce our all-new Not Only Coffee Rewards Programme today.

We know that it will take a while for everyone to get used to the new Programme. To help you understand how everything works, we have included below a brief FAQ to answer any questions you might have:

What is the ethos behind curating Not Only Coffee Rewards Programme?

While we loved digitising our original stamp cards with Loopy Loyalty, we felt the need to curate and offer a more comprehensive and even better loyalty programme to reward you for everything you enjoy in our locations, not just beverages.

With our new loyalty programme, you will be given 1 point for every HKD 1 you spend at NOC locations in Hong Kong, meaning you will be rewarded for all purchases, including beverages, brunch items, pastries and merchandise.

How does the Programme work?

As mentioned above, you will be given 1 point for every HKD 1 you spend in-store. For every 500 points you collect, you can spend it as HKD 20 when you visit us in-store.

Aside from collecting points, you will also be able to top-up credit on your digital card for future purchases. Top-ups need to be made in multiples of HKD 100.

I signed up and am currently a Caffeinator. How do I become a Collaborator/Curator?

You will be upgraded to Collaborator when you add over HKD 5,000 top-up credit to your card in 12 months, and to Curator when you add over HKD 10,000 to your card. Your membership will be valid for 12 months from your membership upgrade date.

What are the benefits for each membership tier?

After registration, you will immediately become a Caffeinator and be rewarded with 250 points, which you can use as HKD10 store credit later on. When you become a Collaborator, you will automatically enjoy 5% off all items in NOC, and for Curators, you will enjoy 10% off all items.

Aside from the perks stated above, we will also be offering members exclusive discounts on our new merchandise and invitations to VIP events, so stay tuned!

I have previously signed up for your Loopy Loyalty programme. How do I switch to the new Programme?

To ensure a smooth transition between our old and new loyalty programmes, we have sent all our Loopy Loyalty members an email for them to download their new digital loyalty cards. If you have collected nine stamps, please visit us to redeem all your free beverages on or before 31st March, and all your outstanding stamps will be automatically transferred to your new loyalty cards for 50 points per stamp.

Please note that your Loopy Loyalty cards will be valid up until 31st March, so don’t forget to download your new digital cards before then!

Thank you so much for your support over the years, and we hope that you like and enjoy the Not Only Coffee Rewards Programme as much as we do.