Introducing NOC Nitro Coffee and Tea

29 MAY 2020

To help you survive the scorching heat and uncomfortable humidity in the months to come, we are now serving up NOC Nitro Coffee and Nitro Tea at our Whampoa store: it was Sam’s intention to curate these light, fragrant and healthy summer treats for you to enjoy this summer.

You may be surprised to learn that nitro coffee was not created by a barista: it was invented by Portland-based food scientist Nate Armbrust in 2013, who was exploring ways to make his cold brew coffee taste even better. He borrowed the idea of nitrogenating coffee and serving it on tap from brewers of beer, who have long been creating the fizz in beers by adding carbon dioxide or nitrogen to their brews.

While some coffee roasters around the world serve carbon dioxide infused coffee, we have chosen to serve our coffee and tea with nitrogen. This is because of the unique characteristics of the gas: while carbon dioxide creates a pleasant fizz, it also gives a perception of sourness or bitterness; on the other hand, the consistency of nitrogen adds a subtle sweetness and creamy mouthfeel to beverages. After many recipe testing and tasting sessions, our team fell in love with the smoother, richer and foamier version of our cold brew coffee and tea, and we believe you will too. And the best bit? It’s almost zero calories.

Cold-brewed and infused with nitrogen to highlight its tasting notes of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut, the coffee featured on our taps is a medium-roast blend of Ethiopian and Colombian beans; with a sweet scent and refreshing notes of tropical fruits and honey, our Nitro Tea is brewed with a special blend of mango peach green tea, curated by Hong Kong-based tea sommelier Tea Concept.

If you are looking for a place to hide from the summer heat, come into NOC Whampoa and keep cool with our delicious Nitro Coffee or Tea. See you in-store!

*only available at NOC Whampoa