///cupcake.toasted.browsers – Meet The Roastery’s New Address

29 AUG 2019

Here at NOC, what we hate the most is a mess. From the way we serve our coffee, down to our what3words addresses, we curate a coffee experience of simplicity with substance, by keeping things straightforward, and ensuring every element in the experience is up to NOC standards. Reaching simple is not usually a straightforward process though.

Addresses and location apps in Hong Kong (and pretty much everywhere else in the world) are almost always confusing. Instead of helping you find your destination quickly and efficiently, they cause trouble by making you go around the building in circles, leaving you so confused that you eventually end up asking for directions from a passerby instead.

When we opened the doors to our space in Causeway Bay, we shared an address with everyone that was given to us by our landlord, which consisted of our shop number, the name of the shopping mall and a street name.

One week into serving customers in Lee Gardens, we realised the address led quite a lot of you into the mall (and perhaps to the customer service counter as well), whilst we are actually located next to the entrance to the carpark, which is at the back of the building.

That was when we stumbled upon what3words, and realized we weren’t the only ones inconvenienced by standard street addresses.

What we love about what3words is its accuracy and user-friendliness. When we searched slimmer.landmark.housework on the app, it immediately displayed, in a virtual square, exactly where the entrance to our Lee Garden location. With a few taps, the app then transfers the location to the Google Maps app, allowing our customers to find their way directly to us, instead of the customer service counter in Lee Garden Three.

In the five years since what3words was launched, it has done so much more than just help people navigate to where they want to be: it aided a mountain rescue team get to a group of lost strollers in Hamsterley Forest in County Durham, UK within minutes; postmen, pizza delivery guys, Airbnb owners and tourists in Mongolia can now share locations correctly in the country, where the population is a vastly nomadic.

We hope that our what3words addresses can make it easier for all our new customers find NOC locations around the city, but also hope that using this app brings simplicity to other parts of your life – arranging a meeting point in the middle of a park; tagging you favourite hiking viewpoint; remembering that street-food vendor location; the possibilities are endless.

Click here to download what3words for iOS, and click here to download for Android.