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Introducing ‘The Curated’, the First NOC Coffee Table Book

4 JAN 2024

In 2023, our team of curators at NOC dedicated themselves to self-refinement. We took the time to reflect on our accomplishments and carefully chart our future plans. With great joy, we published our very own coffee table book, ‘The Curated’, in last December. Today, we are thrilled to share more about this brew-tiful curation with you.

Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the world of ‘Not Only Coffee’ through the pages of our book.

Q. Why did we decide to curate this book?

As we embark on another year of curating an unparalleled coffee experience for you, we would like to conclude 2023 by celebrating our growth and sharing our thoughts with all of you. After 8 years of growth, from a 350-square-foot cafe in Central to over 10 outlets to date, covering a total area of 32,000 square feet, we want to take this opportunity to document and preserve the moments, stories, and inspirations that have shaped NOC into what it is today. It is a tribute to our passion for coffee, our dedicated team, and most importantly, our valued community of coffee lovers like you.

Q. What is ‘The Curated’ all about?

Co-curated by the entire team at NOC, ‘The Curated’ covers every possible aspect about us. It delves into the philosophy behind our brews and toasts, introduces you to the talented individuals behind the coffee bar, immerses you in the aesthetic essence of our spaces, showcases the fine arts we love, and even shares the secret recipes of our signature dishes. This coffee table book is all about transporting you to the heart of our cafes, where passion and curation intertwine.

As a local brand in Hong Kong, we are committed to embracing our identity and supporting the local art community. That’s why we have partnered with talented homegrown artists like Sophia Hotung, the creator of ‘The Hong Konger Collection,’ to design the book cover for us. The cover art beautifully portrays Hongkongers from diverse backgrounds coming together over coffee. Additionally, we have Don Mak to take us on a journey through the vibrant neighborhood of Tai Wai. So you can explore the district next time when you visit our branch at The Wai.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post series, where we will feature in-depth interviews with these amazing artists!

Q. Where can you find ‘The Curated’?

Without a doubt, the book is available at all NOC locations. We hope that you can savour your favourite coffee sip by sip while unfolding our story page by page.

Q. How can you get your hands on a copy of the book?
We offer 2 ways for you to obtain the book:

First, if you are a loyal member of the Not Only Coffee Rewards Programme, our dear CURATORS , simply present your digital membership card to our staff at any NOC location to receive your complimentary copy.

For other NOC lovers, we invite you to participate in our IG Giveaway. By entering, you have the opportunity to win the book and receive up to $2,000 in NOC credits, allowing you to enjoy a delightful treat with your loved ones. We hope this brings added joy to your coffee journey in 2024!

Q. What do our future plans entail?

Moving forward, we will maintain a careful approach to opening new stores, ensuring that each expansion is well-considered. Our dedication to sustainability has also grown stronger, motivating us to integrate recycled materials into our upcoming locations and find creative ways to repurpose coffee grounds for beneficial purposes. Our endeavours extend beyond our passion for coffee, as we aspire to make a positive impact on both our community and the environment.