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Introducing: Our Newest Summertime Menu Favourites for 2021

13 JUL 2021

As the world gradually recovers from the impact of the pandemic, we are here to help you pick up your wellness-oriented lifestyle again. Our kitchen team has joined hands with Green Monday to put together some tasty veggie options and work to move towards a more sustainable future in food. We have also curated a series of special items to give you other nutrient-dense brunch options that are light yet filling. Read on to get a sneak peek into our new menu, and to see our recommendations for dishes that can help you keep cool and stay energized:

Veggie Cheeseburger

The all-new Veggie Cheeseburger is our take on the traditional meat burger. A succulent Beyond Meat® patty, melt-in-the-mouth vegan cheese sauce, juicy portobello, crispy spinach, and serve it up with mixed greens in a slightly toasted vegan burger bun. You can definitely go plant-based without sacrificing flavour.

Vegan One-pot Quinoa

A hearty dish that is tailored for those of you who are in need of protein-rich ingredients to stay energetic all summer long. It is cooked with a mixture of naturally sweetened pumpkin puree and red quinoa, our powerhouse one-pot quinoa is loaded with french beans, asparagus, portobello, and mixed herbs. Satisfying and bursting with flavour in every bite.

Club Tropicana Smoothie Bowl

Indulge yourself with our refreshing smoothie bowl, a perfect delicacy that tastes as if you are on a tropical vacation. Blended with fresh mango, coconut, and soy milk as the smoothie base – flavourful and creamy – completely without milk! Served with a medley of seasonal fruits, our homemade matcha granola, and roasted almond, the Club Tropicana Smoothie Bowl is packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants.

Parma Ham & Mozzarella Toast

For those of you who crave lighter bites during the summer, our Parma Ham & Mozzarella Toast is the perfect light brunch for you. We layer a bed of parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, figs on top of our homemade crispy sourdough toast. Garnish with semi-dried tomato, baby spinach, and herbs to give it a pop of colour. Take one appetizing bite and it will take you to the scenic Italian countryside.

Seared Scallop Tagliolini

Simple, yet incredibly flavourful, our newest pasta addition is delicious for the eyes and the mouth. The scallops are pan-seared, then seasoned to perfection. Our chef adds Italian parsley, red chili, and garlic chips for more fragrance and flavour. The dish fuels your body with essential nutrients, so you can enjoy all your fun summer plans.

Tomato Ragout Pappardelle

On the lookout for all things saucy and al dente, look no further than our gourmet Tomato Ragout Pappardelle! A classic, scrumptious treat made with a meaty sausage ragout, together with a flavorful fresh tomato cream sauce, and some fresh parmesan cheese for that extra kick.