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5 FEB 2021

For those of you who follow us on Instagram, you may already know that we have recently opened the doors to NOC POWWOWWOW in Bangkok. Since none of us is allowed to fly out, we would like to introduce you, readers of The Curated, to POWWOWWOW, the eco-conscious lifestyle community we call home in Thailand, and take you on a virtual tour of our first overseas location.

Credit: Instagram @jiranarong2

Tucked away in a quiet residential district near Ekkamai, the Thai capital’s hipster area, POWWOWWOW is the newest addition to the handful of community spaces in Bangkok. In a city that is mostly dominated by air-conditioned complexes, the owners of POWWOWWOW and architect studio all(zone) saw a gap between Bangkokians’ demand and the city’s supply for green, open areas, hence decided to transform a small plot of land near Sukhumvit 40 into an eco-conscious lifestyle community.

Credit: all(zone)

Built with concrete and metal, the two-storey building is built in a way that allows fresh air to circulate across its semi-outdoor areas. It has separate functional spaces that are vertically and horizontally connected with walkways and stairs. With most of these spaces and some seating located on the ground floor, the first floor is equipped with a spacious semi-outdoor terrace, on which visitors can sit down comfortably to enjoy their food and beverage and hang out with their friends.

Credit: Instagram @jiranarong2

Because of the stifling heat, many who live in Thailand avoid staying outdoors and seek shelter indoors. To keep the general space at a thermally comfortable temperature and allow visitors to spend time on the terrace without breaking a sweat, a metal sheet roof is installed over the building. To allow some sunlight onto the terrace, part of the roof is made up of glass panels installed in aluminium frames: these frames can be dismantled and reassembled if future relocation is to occur. With potted plants hanging along all the walkways and lush, green trees planted around the building, POWWOWWOW is truly an urban oasis surrounded by a concrete jungle made up of high-rise apartment buildings.

Credit: all(zone)

We chose to open our first overseas location in POWWOWWOW, because we share a passion for all things ‘clean’ – clean water, clean food and clean space: all food items, beverages and products available in the space are healthy and environmentally conscious.

NOC POWWOWWOW currently takes up two sections across both floors of the building. Upon their entrance to the space on the ground floor, visitors will be able to watch the baristas work their magic at the espresso bar, from which a Bangkok-exclusive blend of No.18 and single origin espresso offerings will be brewed and served.

As coffee professionals, we enjoy welcoming everyone into the world of specialty coffee: the pourover coffee bar on the first floor is designed to let us do just that. We hope to dedicate our space on the first floor to bringing customers closer to the brewing process of their pourovers, and allowing them to enjoy distinct flavours from around the world.

Alongside the coffee menu, the chefs will be serving a selection of items from our healthy, delicious brunch menu, as well as the NOC French Toast, Head Chef Patrick’s take on the fluffy and sweet traditional delicacy from Hong Kong.

Apart from coffees and brunch items from us, POWWOWWOW has a variety of other food, beverages and lifestyle goods on offer: northern Thai beef delicacies from Neua Neur, cocktails from the secret menu at OBAR, personal care products from Common Ground and Soganics and more. If you happen to be in Bangkok after all travel bans are lifted, the NOC team in Bangkok, as well as the POWWOWWOW crew, will be delighted to welcome you into this beautiful space we share. We hope to see you soon!