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Instagrammable Pourover Coffee Equipment

19 SEP 2020
Credit: Fellow

This is NOC’s guide to the most Instagrammable pourover coffee equipment.

Although the pandemic seems to be slowing down here in Hong Kong, it is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way most of us live, work and travel. While we did our part to keep our communities safe by staying at home in the past few months, the coffee industry has also seen a trend towards online shopping and home brewing. We are very happy to see so many more Instagram posts and stories of you brewing NOC coffee at home and experimenting with different brewing equipment.

Out of all the manual brewing methods out there, the humble pourover is one of our all-time favourites because it’s so simple and meditative. But there is so much equipment out there, it may be difficult for homebrewers to decide which equipment to invest in. To help you choose coffee gadgets that will help you achieve delicious cups of coffee and beautiful photos for your social media, we are sharing a list of stylish and practical pourover equipment, recommended by Bertha, our Coffee Trainer:


Comandante Manual Grinder

Handmade in Germany, the Comandante is crafted for coffee connoisseurs that prefer a lightweight, portable grinder they can take with them wherever they roam. Weighing at just 740g, the high-performance grinder features flat burr blades made of patented high-alloyed stainless steel, and is widely appreciated for its grind quality and consistency. In fact, its grind results are so great, baristas who take part in barista championships are now leaving their usual Mahlkonig EK43 industrial grinders at home and bringing Comandantes to their competitions instead. If you’re passionate about your daily brew and ready to invest in a robust, well-functioning hand grinder, Comandante is for you.

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

For those of you who prefer less hassle in the morning, Ode would be the perfect kitchen gadget for you. With its clean, industrial design and sleek, matte-black finish, Ode is much more than just a treat for the eyes: it delivers grind quality and consistency, which are key to brewing the perfect cup of coffee regardless of which brewing method you choose. Thanks to its 64mm professional-grade flat burr blades, powerful motor with PID feedback control, and easy adjustment to its 31 grind settings, the stylish, user-friendly grinder is going to transform your morning chore into a quieter, quicker and easier experience and elevate your coffee routine.

Pourover Kettle

Hario Buono

For years, the iconic Buono has been a staple for baristas and home brewers all around the globe. Priced at US$40, the curvy-elegant Buono has made its name in the global coffee community as one of the most compact, affordable and easy-to-use kettles. With its long, thin gooseneck spout and lightweight material, the kettle is super quick to heat up and allows maximum control over pouring. We would definitely recommend Buono to home brewing beginners looking for an economical yet durable pourover kettle.

Fellow Stagg

The beautiful Stagg is from Fellow, an innovative company in the US that started out as a Kickstarter project. It has always been Fellow’s goal to design well-thought-out coffee tools for professional baristas. Based on the product reviews Stagg has received so far, it would be safe to say Fellow has successfully created the best kettle for the coffee-obsessed, and we are very happy with the pour-overs we achieve every time we brew with Stagg kettles.



When it comes to brewing pourovers, baristas were pretty much at the mercy of the dripper they are using: the size of the opening at the dripper’s base governs the flow of liquid through the dripper and how much time the coffee grounds spend being exposed to hot water, which significantly influences the taste your coffee. The innovative December dripper is fitted with a variable aperture base that allows baristas to adjust the number of openings at the dripper’s base, giving them more control over the flow rate of the brew. If you are a coffee experimentalist that enjoys testing out different coffee recipes, December is the dripper for you.

Classic Chemex Coffeemaker

Invented by Dr Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex coffeemaker has been around since the 1940s. Essentially a hybrid dripper-carafe coffee maker, the classic hourglass-shaped glass flask is a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality and probably the most widely recognised coffee maker in the world. With just a little bit of practice, your charming Chemex will help you achieve a consistently delicious, clean and clear cup of joe without excess body and oils.

Now that you know what pourover equipment you should be getting, check out our Ultimate Guide to Pourover Coffee and don’t forget you can order your NOC beans online via our e-shop.