Fall Menu Favourites

7 OCT 2020

Introducing: our all-new fall menu favourites for autumn 2020.

Here at NOC, our wholesome brunch menu changes to include the best seasonal ingredients. To celebrate the first signs of autumn (finally!), we launched a few new brunch items on Wednesday, 7th October. Read on to learn more about the newest additions to our menu, and decide which of them you’ll be tucking into when you visit this weekend:

Cauliflower Steak

If you are following a low-GI eating plan, this dish is for you. We roast slabs of cauliflower in an extremely hot oven, allowing them to be steamed and browned. The result? Pieces of golden deliciousness that are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, which we will be serving with fluffy potato mash, generous dollops of homemade ratatouille and toasted sourdough. This hearty new dish is a powerhouse of nutrients and also, a perfect union of crispy and creamy textures.

Avotato Toast

Many of you have been sending us DMs to request gluten-free brunch options from NOC – and we heard you. Our new Avotato Toast is a variation of our Avocado Smash, specially curated for those who have given up grains: we roast chunky slices of sweet potato (a delicious plant-based bread alternative), layer them with avocado mash, and top it off with a perfectly poached egg, refreshing tomato salsa and crispy kale.

Lentil Stew Bowl

The Lentil Stew Bowl is NOC’s take on the iconic Mediterranean dish. In pulling together this comfort food classic, we simmer green lentils, tomato sauce and chopped vegetables into a delicious stew, which we then season with smoked paprika and serve with a grilled veggie medley. Not only will the Bowl keep you warm and cosy: it will also keep you healthy and energised with lots of fibre, plant-based protein and other essential micronutrients.

Creme Brulee Pancakes

We can all agree pancakes are the quintessential sweet breakfast food – and that they are perfect for pairing with your morning coffee. To help you satisfy your sugar cravings, our team of chefs created the Creme Brulee Pancakes by spreading layers of homemade custard cream and fresh berries on buttermilk pancakes and stacking them together. We then caramelise the custard cream on top with a cooking torch and serve the pancakes with a sprinkle of almonds.

Last but not least, we are very excited to be launching a few Kids’ Specials for children aged 12 or under. When you bring your family to NOC for brunch, your little ones can choose from Mini Yogurt Parfait, Frittata or Mini Caramel Pancakes, which they can enjoy alongside a glass of our freshly squeezed orange juice.

For more information on the rest of our brunch items, view our full menu here. See you in-store!