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Our Curated Playlist: NOC’s Second Pour

15 MAY 2020

Blurred lines between electronic and indie downtempo, smooth ambient cinematic and experimental, sampled and synthesised, laid back, spaced urban sounds, bustling rhythms, sonic mayhem. Born out of the smokiness of the city and the vibrance of the world. Deep. Powerful. Immersive. This is NOC – Second Pour.

Music is such an important part of life. Affecting mood, focus, energy, output, state-of-mind. Like with everything at NOC, detail is everything. Our playlists take hours upon hours of consideration, interrogation, discussion and polishing. Curation to the nth degree. We do not play radio. We do not cut corners by using other playlists. We avoid anything commercial so most people will not have heard the majority of our tunes. Music should be about discovery. We dive into the ocean of talent and pull out tunes that will help elevate our customers’ experience. Most will never notice what is playing when they are in our spaces. That is our intention, because the focus should be on the coffee, on friendship, on thinking. But for those that do, and for everyone reading this now….sit back, empty the mind, listen.

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