The Conscious Brunch-Goer [Part I]

13 MAR 2019

It may not surprise you, but we love coffee. At NOC, we serve more than 1000+ cups of our roasted arabica beans everyday to Hong Kong’s coffee lovers.

The rest of the world shares our passion. Stats from 2018 show that globally, we consume about 150 million bags of coffee a year, or a whopping 10 million tons. Our Nordic friends over in Finland take out the number one spot for coffee addicts, with each person consuming about 1400 cups of coffee per year – challenge accepted! Surprisingly, the world’s largest coffee producers (Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia) don’t even make it in the top 10.

And it’s not just Europeans sipping on espressos. Asia’s caffeine obsession has made it the fastest growing consumers of coffee in the last few years. In Hong Kong alone, there are now 250 independent coffee stores – oh hey, that’s us!

That’s why sustainability is at the core of NOC’s ethos.

But as our love for coffee grows, so too should our awareness about the footprint that we create every time we get our caffeine hit.

Changes in climate will have real effects on coffee production, with changes to rainfall and climatic conditions making some regions become unsuitable for production, and effected by spread of pest and diseases.

That’s why sustainability is at the core of NOC’s ethos.

We want to serve you the best coffee and brunch, in the most sustainable way, without compromising on quality, or being heavy on your wallet.

This is Part I in our guide for conscious brunch-goers. Read Part II here.