NOC’s Guide to Cold Brew

28 JUN 2019

Brewing is the final stage of the coffee making process. It’s the part where you finally extract those delicious flavour notes and aromas out of the roasted and ground beans to make the drink we all love so much. There are many different traditional brewing methods like pour-over or French press, but cold brew has gained a lot of ground the past few years. In this week’s Brew Guide, we’ll show you how to make the most delicious cold brew coffee with NOC’s most popular beans.

Ingredients and materials
Before we show you the full list of ingredients, a quick comment on proportions:
The coffee to water ratio depends on the type of beans you use:
If you use NOC House Blends like No 34, the correct proportion is 1:14. This means 14 parts of water for every 1 part of coffee beans. For example, if you use 1L of water (1000g) you will need around 70-75g of coffee beans.

If you use NOC’s Single Origin beans, the correct proportion is 1:12. This means 12 parts of water for every 1 part of coffee beans. For example, if you use 1L of water (1000g) you will need 80-85g of coffee beans

The following list contains all the things you need to make 1L of your first cold brew. You can scale up or down the amounts of water and coffee, but the steps of the process remain exactly the same.

You will need:

-1L of filtered water
-80-85g of NOC single origin coffee beans or 70-75g of NOC House Blend coffee beans.
-Coffee grinder
Cold Brew coffee maker
-A small glass jar to weigh the beans (optional)

Ingredients and materials for making cold brew

Step-by-Step Process

STEP 1: Weigh the coffee beans on the balance

STEP 2: Grind the coffee beans to a medium to coarse grind

Putting the roasted beans inside the hand grinder
Hand grinding the beans
The ground coffee beans

STEP 3: Put the weighed ground coffee into the filter of your cold brew coffee maker

Pouring the ground coffee beans into the cold brew coffee maker’s filter

STEP 4: Pour filtered water into the coffee maker

Pouring 1L of cold filtered water into the cold brew coffee maker

STEP 5: Reinsert the coffee filter with the coffee grounds and seal the coffee maker

Reinserting the coffee filter with the grounds
Sealing the cold brew coffee maker

STEP 6: Chill in a refrigerator for 18 to 20 hours, and you’re set. Just serve and enjoy!

Finished Cold Brewed Coffee. ENJOY!

A couple of facts about Cold Brew
Brewing is a process of extraction in which water dissolves chemical compounds present inside the roasted coffee beans. Many variables influence the extraction process, and therefore the overall quality of the brew we prepare. Of all those variables, the water temperature is probably one of the most critical.
In cold brew, as you probably guessed by now, the extraction is made at low temperatures, as opposed to all other brewing methods that require hot to boiling water. As a rule, the lower the temperature, the longer it takes to extract flavours out of the beans, so cold brewing takes a lot longer than the other methods.
Figuring out the best coffee to water ratio, the best brewing temperature and, most importantly, the optimum brewing time can be a daunting task, which is why we’ll teach you upfront exactly what you need to do to get great results from day one.

That’s it for this week’s Brew Guide. We hope you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for more.