Brunch Menu Fall Specials Feature

7 NOV 2019

Every few months NOC updates its brunch menu to include everyday favs made with seasonally fresh ingredients. To celebrate the first signs of fall in 2019, our chefs updated our menu with some specials. Read on to find out more about these all-new dishes, and pop in to get your hands on these delicious treats!

Chicken or Shrimp Wrap

We understand that eating healthy on-the-go isn’t always easy, especially when you live in Hong Kong. To help you maintain a wellness-oriented lifestyle, Patrick and Ken from our kitchen team have put together the NOC Wraps to give you another nutrient-dense lunch option that is light yet filling.

The Chicken Wrap is filled with shreds of slow-cooked chicken breast, baked bacon bits and freshly chopped romaine, seasoned with smashed avocado and homemade herb yogurt dressing, then rolled up with a soft, oven-baked wrap.

If you are pescatarian, or simply prefer another lean protein source in your wrap, you can also opt for the Shrimp Wrap: packed with fresh shrimp, bell peppers, chopped romaine, smashed avocado and homemade herb yogurt dressing.

Available on weekdays at the Roastery and Mercury store

Gnocchi with Meatballs or Crab

With the weather getting cooler, the best time to enjoy warm meals is finally upon us. This fall, we will be serving Gnocchi, delicate and traditional Italian dumplings crafted with semolina, potatoes and eggs.

You can enjoy your Gnocchi with our homemade chicken meatballs and a hearty pomodoro sauce, or fresh crabmeat and a light lemon cream sauce.

Available on weekdays at the Roastery and Mercury store

Apple Toast

The NOC Apple Toast is our take on the traditional Thanksgiving apple pie – it’s just as sweet, but definitely a lot healthier for you. We spread creamy mascarpone cheese on a slice of dark rye flaxseed sourdough toast, and layer our homemade caramelised apples on top before we garnish with a sprinkle of perfectly toasted walnuts.

Available at the Roastery, Mercury, Gough and Graham stores