A Guide to Brewing with NOC Espresso Cubes

28 JAN 2021

Here at NOC, it is our ambition to serve up an unparalleled coffee experience for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you are. After launching our very own drip bag box sets in 2020, we are more than delighted to introduce another addition to coffee offerings line-up: the NOC Espresso Cube.

Whether you are longing for a steaming hot Long Black or an iced Latte at home, you can simply grab these cubes from our locations, and follow these video tutorials for quick, delicious cups of coffee at home:

Hot Coffee

Step 1: Add an espresso cube into your mug
Step 2: Heat up the cube in your microwave (optional)
Step 3: Add 150ml of boiling water or hot milk into the cup, stir well and enjoy

Iced Coffee

Step 1: Heat up espresso cube in a jug
Step 2: Pour the espresso into 120ml filtered water or cold milk
Step 3: Fill your glass with ice, stir well and enjoy

Remember to bookmark this brewing guide for your busy WFH days and lazy afternoons. Just in case you don’t know yet, NOC Espresso Cubes are available over the coffee bar across all our locations, as well as via Deliveroo. Enjoy the coffee!