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Beautiful Space by the Harbour: NOC Canton Road

17 FEB 2022

Designed with a yacht in mind and echoing the locale of which it is situated, our 2nd store in Tsim Sha Tsui is a hub for customers from all walks of life. Located conveniently by the harbour, NOC Canton Road brings a modern and energetic vibe to its surroundings. Come take a break from all the hustle and bustle by immersing in a full sensory experience with us.

Take a step into our store at the T Galleria by DFS Canton Road Flagship to go on a voyage. With intricate details reflecting the interior of a yacht such as the lighting element behind the coffee bar, water stations and padded seats, the interior of our store hopes to make you feel like you’re truly aboard a journey. A spiral staircase is centrestage in our new outlet, allowing rays of light to emanate throughout the store, creating a relaxing ambience for all “passengers”. This trip is meant for you to leave your worries behind, and enjoy the moment in NOC.

In addition to the design details of a yacht, we’ve added a brand panel where you can learn all about NOC, from our beginnings, to what we care about and the immersive coffee experience we provide. NOC started as a dream and continues to be a curator of spaces of substance.

As a curator, we listen to and observe our customer’s every need. We have added some extra features to this store to elevate the customer experience. Hong Kongers are always on their phone and to accommodate this, we’ve added communal charging docks for easy charging. You’re not the only one getting your energy recharged at NOC. For those who come after some shopping therapy or are carrying some extra baggage, we have also enlarged the benches so you can be seated more comfortably.

With a dedication to conscious consumption and sustainable living, the design of our new flagship prioritizes our environment and minimizes our impact on it. Through repurposing waste and recycled material, we are proud to say that we don’t sacrifice aesthetics for the cause. We utilize materials like Recycled Terrazo, a mixture of concrete waste and disposed ceramic coffee cups, in our furniture design. Whenever we design our spaces, we also think of giving back to the coffee community and providing a truly sustainable experience that is pleasing to our customers and our surroundings.