Our healthy and nutritious food menu changes regularly to use the best seasonal ingredients, that are organic where possible.

We believe in the need for our customers to curate their own health choices or moral beliefs, so we have created a menu for vegans, pescatarians, and meat-lovers to enjoy without compromise.

Food menus


We don’t choose obvious locations; we choose interesting spaces in areas that our minimalist aesthetic can bring calm to the chaos.


Rooted in curation

Coffee is our soul.

Focusing on the minute; being meticulous over every detail. Everything we do is considered to give an unparalleled experience of simplicity with substance.


We believe coffee should be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

From the origin topography, to the water quality used in the end pour and everything in between, we obsess on every possible variable. Our ambition is to serve great tasting coffee from the best beans we can source each season from around the world.